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The application of Information Technology (IT) on the resident management for foreigners

Tuesday, 26/09/2017

To promote the reform of administrative procedures, information technology application and create favorable conditions for agencies, enterprises and accommodation establishments where foreigners stay temporarily making temporary residence declarations, the Immigration Division (the provincial Public Security Department) has actively deployed the system of declaration, reception, management and exploitation of foreigners' temporary residence information via the website https://vinhphuc.xuatnhapcanh. gov.vn.

The policeman of Khai Quang Ward (Vinh Yen City) guides foreigner to register the temporary residence and temporary absence declaration via the website.

In the recent years, with the policies on foreign investment attraction of the province, the number of foreigners visiting and working in our province has been increasing. At present, there are about 5,300 foreigners in the province, mainly from Korea, China, Japan ...

Previously, the declaration of temporary residence for foreigners in the agencies, enterprises, accommodation establishments was manually done. When people came to declare the temporary residence, these units might have books, wrote their temporary residence declaration cards and carried their passports and identity cards to the public security division of communes, wards or towns for reporting. Because when they move on the road, it was difficult to avoid the risk of loss or damage of passports of customers. On the other side, when writing the data in the book, the handwritten ticket was often inaccurate, the ticket transfer was often slow, did not guarantee time. Many agencies, enterprises and accommodation establishments had not reported the temporary residence, violating the regulations due to being afraid to write the ticket... In addition, the residence management of the police was also limited in effectiveness due to the temporary residence information was not often updated in time; the statistics, analysis, summary of temporary residence information; Detecting, tracing and searching for the questionable subjects related to security and order took much time and effort due to the manual labor.

To improve the efficiency of residence management; ensuring the order and security, from 6/22/2017, the Immigration Division (the provincial public security department) has deployed the system of declaration, reception, management and exploitation of temporary residence information for foreigners via the Internet. This is considered as a breakthrough, creating conditions for foreigners and agencies, enterprises and accommodation establishments to make the temporary residence declaration in accordance with the regulations on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam; reducing the inconvenience, travel time in the temporary residence declaration for foreigners. At the same time, the public security department expands the management of foreign residents to identify and prevent the criminal activity. Through receiving the declaration on the internet, the Immigration Division detected 3 cases of violation of immigration regulations and issued a decision on handling the administrative violations of VND 3 million.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Soan, Human Resource Manager of GHS Industrial Company Limited (Khai Quang IP) said that GHS was a Malaysian company established in 2007, specializing in manufacturing and processing mechanical, engine components. Every month, the company has 3 - 5 foreign experts with different nationalities coming to work, so she often had to go to the Public security station of Khai Quang ward (Vinh Yen city) to do the temporary residence declaration for them. It took her lot of time. After h the temving temporary residence declaration software for foreigners via the internet, she only needs a computer with a network connection to be able to log in the system to make a temporary residence declaration for foreigners without losing travel time, expenses, papers. This is so easy because she was trained by the Immigration Division.

At present, the declaration, reception, management and exploitation of temporary residence information for foreigners through the Internet still face some difficulties because foreign language skills of declarants is limited, sometimes they type wrong name of the nationality. In addition, there are only 6 information on foreigners in the system, including: Full name, year of birth, passport number, nationality, date of arrival, date of departure without the purpose of entry. To overcome this situation, the Immigration Division will continue to propagate widely; remind accommodation establishments to regularly improve foreign language and computer skills for receptionists; regularly exchang information with the police at grassroots, promptly handle with arising issues in order to further handle the entry and exit management of foreigners.

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