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The Trade Union of Prime Group Jsc takes care of workers' lives - The foundation for business development

Thursday, 01/03/2018

With the objective of production and business associating with ensuring harmoniously the interests between enterprises and employees, the Trade Union of Prime Group JSC (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park) has practical activities on taking care the life, protect the legitimate rights, interests and increase the income of laborers helping employees work peacefully and devote for the company for a long time.

Prime Group Jsc (Binh Xuyen industrial park) creates jobs for 2,800 laborers with an average income of VND 8 million/person/month.

The Company is regarded as one of the prestigious enterprises manufacturing: ceramic tiles, roof tiles and water heater ... in Vietnam and ASEAN. To capture aspirations, thence, having conditions to improve the working environment for employees, since 2013, the Executive Board of the Company's Trade Union has organized many direct dialogues with workers and the Management Board of the Company to propose issues related to the rights and interests and solve recommendations and questions of employees such as implementing allowances for employees working in the dangerous, toxic conditions. Through the dialogues, the implementation of policies in the company has gradually become more and more stably, contributing to improve the material and spiritual life of employees.

Mr. Dang Xuan Thu, Chairman of the Trade Union of Prime said, “At present, the Company's Trade Union has 8 grassroots with 2,730 trade union members. Determining the care and protection of employees' rights as one of the key tasks, the Executive Board of the Trade Union always cares and improveds the working environment so that laborers maintain their health and safety when working.”

The Company consulted with leaders to fully equip the labor protection such as hats, clothes, shoes, gloves; regularly inspects the machinery, overcomes unsafe risks, invests in modern machines, applies new safety standards to reduce the dirt, noise and heat generation, ensures the environment hygiene, health for employees ...

The Company constantly innovates to improve the quality of products, meet the market demand, thereby, creates regular jobs for workers with stable income from VND 7-9 million/ person/ month. At present, 100% employees are fully covered by the social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance; ensured the salary, bonuses, holidays, Tet in accordance with regulations ... helping employees more confident, long-term attachment to the Company.

Annually, the Union organizes many practical activities and mobilizes trade unionists to actively promote the emulation movement "Say no to labor accidents in production", "Good laborer, creative laborer ","Technical innovation "; green-clean-beautiful movement and 5S (arrangement-clean-care-ready-screening), improves the working environment, conditions; the movement "good people, good activities" and builds the corporate culture ...

In response to the National Week on Occupational Sanitation and Safety – Fire and Explosion Prevention, annually, the Executive Board of the Trade Union organizes the training and dissemination on labor safety and hygiene, fire and explosion prevention and fighting; equips with the protection equipment to ensure the quality requirements for 100% of workers. At the same time, the Trade Union of the Company cooperates with authorities to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge of Trade Union Law, Social Insurance Law ...; propagates regulations and guidance on safe driving skills when participating in traffic for laborers.

The Executive Board of the Trade Union of the Company always attaches importance to the spiritual life of laborers through cultural, art and sport activities regularly organized at the member and group levels. Every year, the Company arranges for employees to participate in the tourism program, organizes to present birthday gifts to 100% of employees; supports 100% allowance for shift meal with a value of VND 416 thousand/ month/ person, ensuring the adequate nutrition, food hygiene and safety.

To encourage and help laborers work safely, the Trade Union of the Company always takes the initiative and help families of workers with difficult conditions; encourages, visits, supports the spirit and material when workers and their relatives are sick or in unlucky circumstances in life ... Thereby, creating a solidarity, friendly environment, support to develop together.

To ensure meals for workers, the Executive Board of Trade Union often checks the care of lives, collective kitchen; coordinates with kitchen staffs to arrange, organize meals scientifically, reasonably to ensure adequate nutrients for workers. The company set up the inspection team to check periodically the implementation of the rules of the kitchen, regulations and professional of the kitchen, check the processing of dishes and get the assessment to timely take the suitable adjustment .

With the results, Prime Group Jsc is proud to be one of 44 enterprises honored as "Enterprise for Employees in 2017" organized by the General Confederation of Labor of Vietnam, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Labor Newspaper with the assessment: "Friendly working environment, green - clean - beautiful environment, good allowance and good income. "

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