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Enhance the role of the Business Association in supporting the development of businesses

Friday, 08/09/2017

In the morning of 2017/9/6, the provincial Business Association organized a seminar on the role of the Business Association and solutions on supporting the development of businesses.

Ms. Pham Thi Hong Thuy, Chairman of the provincial Business Association speaks at the seminar.

At the seminar, delegates discussed the role of the Association in gathering and uniting its members to jointly solve difficulties and boost production; the protection work of their legitimate rights; training courses to improve knowledge of management, business and production for enterprises; the role of the Association in connecting enterprises with State management agencies; propose and request policies to support enterprises; participate in programs, projects, research topics and implement tasks assigned by the provincial People's Committee; have solutions to assist businesses in developing markets, joining in the industry and value linking chain; the linkage among enterprises in each field, each industry in the province; propagate policies on law, update new knowledges about industrial revolution 4.0; have solutions to improve the quality of business management for entrepreneurs; enhance the work of attracting foreign investment and etc...

Through this seminar, enterprises and entrepreneurs has recognized correctly about the role of the Association in enterprises support; then, they will further promote the Association’s development. Besides, the Association and State management agencies can understand aspirations, difficulties and obstacles of enterprises in order to propose solutions for the timely settlement for the business development.

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