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Vinh Phuc province promotes investment in Russia

Thursday, 07/09/2017

Implementing the investment promotion program in 2017 of the province, from 2017/9/3, the delegation of Vinh Phuc province led by comrade Tran Van Vinh, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Standing Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Council, has started the working trip on investment promotion in Europe.

After arriving Russia, the delegation worked with the Embassy of Vietnam. The Chargé d'Affaires Lai Ngoc Doan received the delegation. Comrade Tran Van Vinh briefed Vinh Phuc's socio-economic development in the recent time; besides, emphasized the provincial achievements in investment attraction and affirmed, “We are focusing on improving the investing environment in order to attract more FDI projects, including projects from Russia.”

Mr. Lai Ngoc Doan highly appreciated Vinh Phuc's success in attracting foreign investment, and briefly informed about the operation of the Embassy, the relationship between Russia and Vietnam, prospects of investment and trade cooperation in the coming time. He also hoped that Vinh Phuc would continue to have promotion activities and investment support to create trust for Russian investors .

At the meeting, comrade Tran Van Vinh suggested that the Embassy would provide information on Vinh Phuc’s investing environment, investment policy, orientation for investment attraction to Russian investors; support the province to connect and organize investment promotion activities under the provincial program in Russia in the coming time, especially support to export agricultural products of the province to the Russian market; have policies to coordinate with the province to send Vinh Phuc's labor to work in Russia.

Then, on 2017/9/4, the delegation of the province had a meeting with the leaders of Hanoi - Matxcova Hotel and Trade Culture Center.

the delegation of the province had a meeting with the leaders of Hanoi - Matxcova Hotel and Trade Culture Center (INCENTRA)

On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Tran Van Vinh highly appreciated the model of operation and development of INCENTRA Center and briefly introduced the socio-economic situation of Vinh Phuc Province, emphasized the potentials, advantages as well as commitment to support investors of the province. He would like to invite the Center's leaders to Vinh Phuc to learn the reality of business investment environment of the province in order to have oriention for calling for Russian investors to invest in Vinh Phuc.

Leaders of INCENTRA Center have introduced the establishment and development of the center, they desired to regularly coordinate with our province in introducing and promoting business investment environment of Vinh Phuc to the business community in Russia.

Trần Hoài Dương

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