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Signing the commitment on occupational hygiene - safety and fire prevention

Tuesday, 23/05/2017

In the afternoon of May 8th, 2017, Toyota Vietnam Company signed a commitment on occupational hygiene - health and fire prevention.

Representatives of the factories and workshops of Toyota Vietnam sign the commitment on emulating the implementation the action month of occupational health and safety 2017.

Founded and put into operation in 1995, for the past over 20 years, Toyota Vietnam has not only been one of the FDI enterprises having significantly contributed to the provincial budget, creating jobs for thousands of employees but also a highlight in the occupational hygiene - safety and fire prevention. Now, 100% of the company's laborers are fully equipped with labor protection, personal protective equipments and have periodical health examination. Every week, the board of occupational hygiene and safety inspects the equipments, machines and labor supplies... As a result, in the period of 2011-2016, the company did not occur any occupational accidents and received the merit from the provincial People's Committee for their excellent performance in fire prevention for five consecutive years.

Responding to the first action month in 2017 on occupational hygiene and safety, Toyota Vietnam committed to continuously improve and upgrade the working stages; raise the awareness of laborers on labor hygiene and safety, fire and explosion prevention; obey 5 rules of walking to improve the sense of accident avoidance due to collision, stumble; Strengthen the inspection, supervision, organize training courses on safety lock for each production line. The company will continue to improve the working environment in hot, dust, and smoke place in order to gradually replace the heavy work with the environmentally friendly working steps, equipments.

At the event, the leaders of factories and workshops of Toyota Vietnam signed a commitment on emulating the implementation of the action month on occupational hygiene and safety 2017.

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