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Continue to facilitate the development of infrastructure of industrial parks and industrial clusters in the province

Thursday, 18/05/2017

In the morning of 2017/5/12, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee had a working session with investors investing in infrastructure of industrial parks and industrial clusters in the province. Also attending the meeting, there were Mr. Le Duy Thanh, Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; representatives of departments, agencies of the province, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee concludes the meeting.

Up to now, the Prime Minister has planned Vinh Phuc with 19 industrial parks; 11 of them have been established and put into operation having high occupancy rates and attracting many investors. The province also has the planning of 31 industrial clusters. Currently, 14 clusters have been already in operation. In general, enterprises and investors in the province have taken initiative, and efforts since the new establishment to make great contribution to the provincial budget, create more jobs and income for local people and nearby provinces. Until now, the province has over 7,700 registered private enterprises with a registered capital of over VND 60,000 billion; 657 DDI projects with 67 thousand billion dong and 239 FDI ones with USD 3.66 billion .

However, the attraction of infrastructure investment in industrial clusters is very difficult due to the small area, large investment rate, low efficiency, high risk, so enterprises investing in essential services such as electricity and water.... do not want to participate in projects; thus, the infrastructure of industrial clusters do not meet requirements, causing many difficulties and annoyances for secondary investors as well as difficulties in the management of the State.

For industrial parks, in the past two years, although the province has actively overcome difficulties and problems for enterprises in electricity, water, environment, tax, customs, social insurance, infrastructure ..., there are still obstacles such as: Infrastructure of industrial parks in general does not still satisfy secondary investors; Land frunds available for lease in industrial zones are very limited due to difficulties in site clearance; no housing for workers; lack of female-young workers in industrial zones...

At the meeting, representatives of investors and enterprises frankly discussed issues related to investment, production and business activities of industrial parks and clusters. At present, the greatest difficulty for industrial clusters is the legal corridor; in addition, the initial funding source for the district cluster development centers is very limited. They suggested the province to advise the government to soon issue a decree on the management of industrial clusters. At the same time, strengthening the coordination between local authorities and the management board of industrial clusters and etc.

In order to remove difficulties and problems in the process of implementation, representatives of some investors and localities suggested that the province should continue to facilitate the development of infrastructures of industrial zones and clusters in the area. Firstly, they should arrange bus routes for workers; support funding for lighting maintenance around industrial zones; have mechanisms and policies to encourage secondary enterprises to invest in the construction of water treatment systems in some industrial clusters.

After the departments, localities explained and clarified some contents of investors, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Tri asked the Management Board of industrial zones, Department of Industry and Trade in coordination with departments, branches and localities to review the promulgated regulations on management of industrial parks and clusters, advise the provincial People's Committees on the amendments and supplements and proposal of regulations according to current conditions.

For recommendations on policies to support industrial zones, the Chairman assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to study and propose appropriate plans for the provincial People's Committee to submit to the Provincial People's Council for consideration and settlement. Regarding the investment in infrastructure, he asked that besides the role and responsibilities of regulatory authorities, it should clearly define the responsibility of the investors in the overall review of the problem of waste, environmental landscapes in industrial zones and clusters.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri received opinions and suggestions from investors related to the construction of houses, transportation vehicles of workers, land price for rent... and he assigned departments, branches and localities to propose satisfactory solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles for investors and enterprises to build model industrial parks to meet the needs of developing industrial parks in the province. .

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