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Job creation for labor in the field of tourism

Thursday, 29/03/2018

Tam Dao district has advantages on tourism and for the development of trade and services, over the last time, following the resolutions and direction of the province, Tam Dao district has made alo efforts to solve employment for workers.

Lac Hong - Tay Thien Joint Stock Company (Tam Dao) creates jobs for many local workers in the field of tourism services. Taken by Nguyen Luong

Nearly 50% of the population there are ethnic people, so the vocational training and job creation are paid special attention, regarded as a strategic task in the socio-economic development and sustainable poverty reduction by the local People's Committee .

According to the statistics, Tam Dao district has created jobs for more than 3,000 laborers each year, above 50% of them in the fields of trade and services.

Mr. Chu Van Sau, Head of the Labor, Invalids and Social affairs division of Tam Dao said that the district welcomed millions of visitors every year, this was also an opportunity for the development of trade and service businesses, creating the large demand on labor recruitment, both skilled and unskilled laborers.

Lac Hong - Tay Thien Joint Stock Company is now creating jobs for hundreds of local workers earning stable income. Mrs. Dang Thi Thu Trang, Deputy Director of the Company shared that they associated with many training units in the field of tourism and services in, outside the province to train about 60 - 80 professional workers per year. More than 90% of the company's employees are local workers. Planning to expand its projects in the coming time, the company will hire more laborers.

To create favorable conditions for tourism, trade and service enterprises in the district to take all advantages of the local human resource, the Division of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs further promotes cooperation between the training establishments and tourism, service enterprises in the district, creates the closed link between the vocational training and job creation after training; coordinates with training units and enterprises in the field of tourism and services to open courses to foster and raise the working capacity of local laborers; regularly organizes mobile job sessions at communes and towns, where concentrate the population at working age to connect the supply-demand information between laborers and employers.

Having the objective that solving employment must be linked to the socio-economic development planning, the Division actively advised the local People's Committee to focus investment on developing tourism and services, then restructure the labor from agriculture - forestry to trade - service.

To turn trade and services into a spearhead economic sector, along with developing tourism, increasing the number of laborers working in this field, the People's Committee of Ram Dao assigned the finance and planning Division to create conditions on loans for job settlement of the National Fund to create jobs for industrial, trade and service development projects, established small and medium enterprises in the locality; shortened the time to evaluate the interest support fund for businesses borrowed the district's employment capital, supported the interest rate to the subjects eligible for loans timely, under the regulations.

In terms of propaganda, the local People's Committee coordinates with information and communication units inside and outside the province to actively promote the local tourism industry to attract investment, increase the number of businesses in the fields of tourism, services in the area, creates more employment opportunities for employees; regularly updates information on enterprises in tourism and services which are in need of labor recruitment so that employees can easily grasp and select suitable jobs to their capabilities.

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