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Foreign non-governmental aid mobilization: Focus on large, long-term projects

Thursday, 30/11/2017

Over the last years, the foreign non-governmental aid mobilization in the province has always been carried out by all levels and sectors; the quantity and quality of aid projects have been gradually increasing. The effectiveness of the projects has contributed to complete the economic development targets and ensure the sustainable social security.

On a day of November, 2017, we had a chance to visit Lap Thach Hope Center, where nourishes poor children, the disadvantaged, orphans and children with disabilities... of Song Lo and Lap Thach district. With the active support from the non-governmental organization PAMWF (South Korea), the facilities of the center have been invested more and more spaciously and fully equipped bedroom, kitchen, hall, functional rooms, playing ground ... meeting well the needs of learning, activities and entertainment of children.

The total value of the project that PAMWF is expected to aid for Lap Thach Hope center in the period of 2015-2020 is more than USD 500,000. Since the deployment of the project, PAMWF has aided hundreds thousands of dollars to ensure 100% expenses for the center's activities and the cost of living and learning. Therefore, the center has nurtured, helped hundreds of children have a better life; many of them graduated from universities, colleges and have stable jobs.

This is just one of many foreign non-governmental aid projects which were implemented and brought the practical results in the province in recent years. In the period of 2013 -2017, the whole province had mobilized 169 programs and projects funded by nearly 100 foreign non-governmental organizations and other donors with the total value of nearly USD 13 million.

The aid projects mainly focused on the fields of environmental protection, social security, community development, capacity enhancement and vocational training. In which, many large, meaningful and effective projects such as: PAMWF's Lap Thach Hope Center; environmental, rare animal protection of AAF and GRET; raising the capacity of vocational training and education of KFHI organization; humanitarian assistance, poverty alleviation supported by KFHI and PAMWF; community development project sponsored by GRET and BATIK.

In addition, there are many donation projects such as: presenting glasses to old people; gifts for disadvantaged students; screening surgery for students having the cleft lip, cleft palate ... Through the programs and projects, thousands of poor households, the disabled, the disadvantaged, orphans ... have been supported to overcome difficulties and rise in life.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Luyen, Head of Advocacy Aid Division, the non-governmental aid Promotion Center said that the Foreign non-governmental aid programs and projects in the province were timely implemented, disbursed on schedule. NGOs operating in the province obey the guideline, purpose and signed agreement.

However, the aid value is still low compared to the national average, doesn't commensurate with the cooperation potentials of the province. Some programs and projects were unsustainably deployed, the expense for each activity was not much; the coordination among the departments, agencies and localities in developing project, accessing the potential foreign NGOs is still limited; the procedures, documents to approve projects last for a long time, it has to be submitted to many levels, many agencies, as a result, beneficiaries and sponsors to be discouraged, cancel the funding ...

Thus, it is extremely necessary to actively promote the reform, simplify administrative procedures in receiving and appraising the projects from aid sources; taking the initiative in training and improving the qualifications and capacity of the managerial staffs and the capability of receiving the projects of the localities and beneficiaries.

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