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Vinh Phuc youth is steady and selfconfident for integration

Monday, 27/11/2017

In the current trend of international integration, Vinh Phuc youth always takes the initiative, is selfconfident, actively participates in exchange and international cooperation; step by step affirms the position and prestige of Vietnamese youth in the international arena.

Over the last years, the Provincial Youth Union has organized many practical activities to create conditions for Youth Union members to have opportunities to meet and exchange with international friends; expanded, improved and deepened the quality, raised the awareness and strengthened the friendship and cooperation of international friends with the Youth Union and youth organizations in the province. From 2012 to 2017, the Standing Committee of the Union held 6 training conferences on international integration for 645 Youth Union members; gathered 430 Youth Union members abroad; organized 8 friendship exchange activities for 450 participants; sent 30 youth delegates to participate in the study and friendship exchange programs in the countries in the world; established the English and Chinese clubs; organized the English Olympic Contest for the Youth Union staffs.

The Provincial Youth Union selected, introduced staffs and members to participate in the delegation of Vietnamese youth to study and exchange with the youth of China, Korea, Japan and Russia. In 2016, the Union sent a delegate to attend the summer camp in Japan; a delegate to participate in the provincial delegation to visit and work in Japan on labor export; a delegate to China to attend the international youth exchanges (in 2014 and 2016). The delegates, who were sent to work, always exchanged, studied, actively participated in all activities and were appreciated by international friends.

The external information and communication activities have been regularly carried out and the contents have been gradually renewed to raise the awareness, equip the knowledge and skills about international integration for the youth union members. The staffs of the Youth Union deploys widely the propaganda activities in the field of international integration; organizes the conferences, workshops about the culture, external information, disseminates the Party's and State's external undertakings and policies for the rapporteurs and propagandists from the province to grassroots.

In 2016, the provincial Youth Union organized a training conference on the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam when joining in the TPP for the youth union cadres of 137 communes, wards and towns. The movement of learning foreign languages ​​of the Youth Union cadres and members is strengthened. The English and Chinese clubs are organized once a quarter with the participation of many exchange students and the youth union members, who love foreign languages.

The Provincial Youth Union also organizes the programs of developing the leadership skills for young people, actively develops and implements the youth international activities in the province, trains the building skills and organizes the international exchange activities for the provincial youth union members. In 2016, the Provincial Youth Union sent a delegate to participate in the Jica Young Leadership Training Program in Japan and sent 45 delegates to participate in the Young Leadership training program in Japan.

In 2016, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union in coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs organized the propaganda and introduction to the youth union members about the India Film Week in Vinh Phuc; organized the cultural exchange program with Korean Cultural Center delegation in Vietnam and presented 39 gifts to poor students in Dao Tru commune (Tam Dao); welcomed a Japanese children to participate in the cultural exchange program in Vinh Phuc; continued maintaining the clubs of Vinh Phuc internship students, exchange students in Japan; directed the establishment of 2 Vietnam - Laos clubs. The Vietnam-Japan Cultural Exchange Program attracted over 100 Vietnamese and Japanese children. 12 children from Vinh Phuc joined the Asia Pacific International Summer Camp in Japan.

In the coming time, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union will further strengthen the information, propaganda, cultural exchanges, external relations, support of the Youth Union members about the international integration; encourage the youth union members to research, study and train actively to be ready for integration; diversify partnerships, enhance types and sizes of external political and friendship activities at both provincial and local levels; enhance the programs on exchanges and cooperation in each youth person and promote the role of the young people who have the advantage in international cooperation; further enhance to unite, gather and mobilize overseas youths towards their motherland and promote their role in developing the friendship relation between Vietnamese youth and foreign youth.

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