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Tuesday, 15/05/2018

Focus on promoting e-commerce activities; strengthening the organization of large-scale trade promotion fairs and high-quality Vietnamese trade fairs. Recently, Trade Promotion and Information Center (Department of Trade and Industry) has implemented effectively some programs to support enterprises to develop markets and expand production and business activities.


Que Lam Phuong Bac one member Co ., ltd introduces products at a trade promotion fair . Photo by Khanh Linh

The trade promotion and information center coordinated with related units and localities to regularly update information on the website: vinhphucit.gov.vn, including information on the development of industry, trade and services; import and export markets, domestic and foreign market prices, information relating to administrative procedures and etc.

In addition, the center promoted propaganda on trade promotion, market management, industrial promotion; training and development of commercial human resources ... on Vinh Phuc Newspaper, Provincial E-communication Portal so that enterprises know and actively participate in trade promotion programs, market development.

In 2017, the Center issued more than 3,000 newsletters on trade promotion programs to agencies, enterprises, trade organizations in the province and the whole country; attracted more than 4 million businesses, organizations and individuals to access and search information on website: vinhphucit.gov.vn.

In addition, the trade promotion and information Center regularly organizes and coordinates to organize trade fairs; programs to send Vietnamese goods to mountainous areas, creating conditions for the dozens of enterprises to access, promote and introduce their products to a large number of consumers in the province.

In 2017, the Center organized two trade fairs, with over 300 booths, attracting more than 150 enterprises and cooperatives inside and outside the province. Two programs sending Vietnamese goods to mountainous areas in Lap Thach and Song Lo district, 40 booths of 20 businesses, attracting 2,000-3,000 visitors per day, average revenue of 2-3 billion dong per day;

3 Vietnamese fairs in Tam Dao, Lap Thach and Song Lo district with over 40 booths and more than 1,000 visitors per day, the revenue from 1 to 1.5 billion per day.

The Center also organized for businesses in the province participating in many trade promotion programs in other provinces and cities nationwide to promote exchanges and expand the consumption market ...

Through trade promotion programs, businesses have been able to exchange information, advertise their image, expand their product markets and production scale, thus contributing to stabilize the market and socio-economic development in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy, Director of Tuan Huy Trade and Production Co., Ltd., Hoi Hop Ward (Vinh Yen) said, “trade promotion programs received the great attention of the provincial leaders and organizations, attracting many enterprises in and outside the province.

This is a very favorable condition for enterprises to exchange experience and connect to develop product development programs in line with advantages and characteristics of the market in each region, each locality in order to create competitive strength for products; this is also a channel to promote and introduce products directly to consumers in the fastest and most effective way for enterprises, especially enterprises with new products, small and micro enterprises.

In the coming time, enterprises would like the authorities to continue to pay attention and support more effectively for enterprises in promoting and introducing products; enhancing policies to support the application of science and technology and renovate production chains to create products having high-quality in order to increase the competitiveness in the market.

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