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DKT Vina Co., Ltd: Customer's satisfaction is the motivation and core goal

Tuesday, 15/05/2018

Established and put into operation since 2011, DKT Vina Co., Ltd (Khai Quang IP) has increasingly affirmed its role and position as one of the leading electronic component manufacturers and become the strategic, important partner of many corporations, companies in the world such as SamSung, SMAC, ALDP ...

The leaders of DKT Vina Co., Ltd awarded the prizes to the employees with the excellent achievements.

DKT Vina Co., Ltd, Khai Quang industrial park (Vinh Yen city) - a Korean company with a total investment capital of more than USD 20 million, specializes in processing and trading the electronic components and soft printed circuit board with the output of about 100 million products / year.

With the determination of turning the electronic component industry into a strategic industry with the large scale, the company built a factory producing electronic components on nearly 4,500 m2. In 2017, DKT Vina expanded the scale of workshop producing the soft printed circuit board up to 7,500 m2, raising the output of electronic components to 120 million products per year.

To produce the best electronic components and electronic products, the company has continuously invested in modern machinery and equipment, SMT line, fully obeyed to the quality management system according to the standard of Global SMT và ISO 9001:2009.

All products are closely monitored throughout the production process until shipped. As a result, the company has become a reliable partner of prestigious corporations, enterprises in the world such as SamSung, SMAC, ALDP. Every year, the company releases more than 100 million products and gains the revenue of USD tens of millions.

With the business motto “Taking the customer's requirements as the core, considering the customer's satisfaction as the motivation and core goal”, DKT Vina prioritizes the development of highly qualified human resource through training programs in the country and abroad, the company always creates the development environment to promote the creative spirit of all employees through competitions and creation awards. Thence, reducing the error rate to 30%, the final phrase cost to 30%, the Claim fee to 50%; improving to reduce 30% of the cost, 10% of the waste, saving 10% of energy compared to the previous year. It is also the result of the persistent and creative work of the staffs, employees of the company, created and merged in each product.

Talking with us, Mr. Myoung No Jin - General Director of DKT Vina Co., Ltd said that when going into operation, the company received many incentives, for the goal of "manufacturing and trading the electronic components, soft printed circuit board", the project was exempted from the corporate income tax for 2 years and reduced 50% of payable tax for the next 4 years. In the operation, the company always complies with the law on tax, environmental protection, fire and explosion prevention, labor safety ...

Understanding the value of human, the company is not only the workplace but also the second home of the employees working here. One of the company's missions is to integrate the social responsibilities through the activities of taking care of spiritual life of employees through the contests and sport competitions such as: Awarding the "Outstanding Employee of the Year" for the staffs, employees of the company with the excellent achievements in the year; organizing the sport tournaments "DKT - the place to meet and share" once a year and strictly complying with the policies and laws on labor for employees such as: Social insurance, maternity, bonus on the holidays, Tet ...

After more than 7 years of operation in the province, DKT Vina Co., Ltd has established itself a position in the electronic component industry in general and the field of soft printed circuit board in particular. In the coming time, the company will further improve the quality, diversify products, meet the needs of partners and confirm the position of the leading electronic component manufacturer in the province.

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