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The labor recruitment in the fields of garment and electronic components: big demand but the enterprises are facing to many difficulties

Thursday, 10/05/2018

The industrial production develops, the demand for labor recruitment in the industrial parks in the province has been increasing, leading to the "the supply does not meet the demand". At present, many enterprises find it difficult to recruit the workers, especially female workers.

Currently, Viet Thien Garment Company Limited (Vinh Tuong) has the demand for recruiting 1,000 workers.

Viet Thien Garment Co., Ltd (Vinh Tuong) specializes in processing garment for Japanese and American partners with 5 million products per year. Therefore, the demand of laborers, especially female workers is very high. At present, the company is recruiting 1,000 workers but the recruitment is facing to many difficulties.

In recent years, the development of industrial parks has attracted many investment enterprises in the province, especially enterprises producing the electronic components, this leads to the labor competition among enterprises, creates the opportunities for the labourers to have many options.

Established in 2016, Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park (Binh Xuyen) regularly falls into the labor shortage. Mr. Nguyen Thi Ban, Head of Administration Office of the company, said that Vietnam garment manufacturing Co., Ltd was the second factory of TAL Group in Vietnam. Now, TAL Group was the leading provider of high quality apparels, provided the perfect customer service for retail corporations in the US, Europe and Asia with the high end fashion brands in the world. Now, the company was creating the stable jobs for 2,300 workers.

To "retain" the employees, over the last years, the company has had many policies such as the attendance bonus, housing subsidy, coordinated with the transport units to organize the transportation for workers; created conditions for the workers to develop their skills to advance internally; all working divisions are equipped with the air conditioner, ensuring the best working environment for employees.

However, every year, the company still has a 6% rate of layoffs. Explaining this problem, Mrs.Ban said that the psychology of many workers now wanted to work overtime to increase the income, while the company only permited overtime for no more than 30 hours per a month and lay-days on Saturday and Sunday, therefore, the salary level was only VND 6-7 million / person / month, leading to some jobless workers.

To reach the goal of producing 4 million products in 2018, now, the company needs to recruit 1,000 employees; directly sends the cadres to the villages and hamlets in the localities to directly interview the labor recruitment; has the bonus mode with the introducer of workers to work; coordinates with the vocational training centers and schools to recruit laborers.

As far as we known, in early March, at the meeting with the provincial leaders, Mr. James Phillips, General Director of Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Company Limited (TAL Group) proposed to the province to provide the preferential policies to support the enterprises to implement the investment projects on the construction of housing area for specialists and workers; built the bus route to transport workers to work at the company and support the labor recruitment, contributing to boost the production and business of enterprises, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

According to Mr. Duong Ngoc Khang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Bussiness Association, at present, the demand for labor recruitment, especially female workers in the enterprises processing garment, producing the electronic components was very large. Many businesses such as Viet Thien, Loi Tin had not recruited the number of employees as required yet. In fact, the labor market in the province was saturated and stable, the demand for job of the labourers was lower than the previous years.

Particularly, in recent years, with the preferential policies and mechanisms of the province, many enterprises have invested in the province, especially enterprises producing the electronic components, using many laborers and many businesses have expanded the scale of the factory. Therefore, the lack of labor is indispensable, especially female workers.

To ensure the labor supply for enterprises to develop production, in the coming time, the provincial authorities will announce the demand of laborers of the enterpirses in the province to the provinces have the plentiful labor supply; open more and adjust many bus routes, bus stops suitable for working hours, breaktime of workers.

Besides, enterprises need to develop the specific plans so that the localities and authorities can understand and direct, orient the suitable training and consultancy; increase the rate of male labor use, the labor use time and have good incentive policies to retain labor; coordinate With vocational training institutions in the province to organize training courses as required.

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