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Phuc Yen town creates jobs for more than 400 employees in the first quater of 2018

Friday, 27/04/2018

Determining the job placement and labor export as an important task in the strategy of poverty reduction, socio - economic development. Recently, the People's Committee of Phuc Yen town has issued and carried out the plan to create jobs in the country and send laborers to work abroad in 2018 to 100% of communes and towns; strengthened the propagation and deployment of models for family economic development and restructuring of plants and animals in order to create jobs for many laborers.

The town's People's Committee instructed the Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Division to coordinate with the provincial labor export training center to organize consultancy sessions on the support mechanism of the province and town to each village, family, especially cases in working age, demobilized soldiers and unemployed households with unstable incomes.

The town also promoted the propaganda through mass media, loudspeaker system, electronic communication gate of the town to provide timely information to workers and help them understand preferential policies of the Central and the province on job creation and etc.

In the first quarter of 2018, Phuc Yen town created new jobs for more than 400 workers, including 23 exported workers.

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