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A pioneering enterprise in the field of supportive industry

Friday, 27/04/2018

More than 10 years operating in the field of precision mechanical machining, creating the trust of customers, Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd (Khai Quang - Vinh Yen) has become a reliable partner of the leading companies in the field of the production of automobile, motorbike and auxiliary industries.

Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd - a trusted partner of leading companies in the field of automobile and motorcycle production in Vietnam. Photo by Tran Tinh

In 2017, Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd. became the official supplier of Toyota Vietnam; received the "Best Quality Management" award from Honda Vietnam.

Being established in May 2005, the company specializes in manufacturing precision mechanical products, up to now, the company has strongly developed, created jobs for many laborers, contributing to the socio - economic development of the province.

Since 2010, Cosmos has maintained the role as a leading supplier of Honda Vietnam, continually received the Cup of Quality and Service from Honda, creating favorable conditions for Cosmos to develop and have many new customers such as GTA, Nissin, Panasonic, Singdengen and two famous LED companies including Murata and Kowa.

With the commitment of providing high-quality products, reasonable price to meet the requirements of domestic companies and foreign partners, the company boldly invested in modern technological lines; studied styles, management methods of Japan; strictly applied ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO environment management system; fully equipped with the necessary and modern equipments in testing the suitability of the product.

At stages, Cosmos is equipped with test equipments so that staffs and workers can manually check the quality of components before moving to the next stage. As a result, all products of Cosmos are strictly controlled from raw materials, process and finished products ... to create the brand of Cosmos in the industry of production of auto parts and motorbikes in the country .

At present, Cosmos has become a reliable partner of leading companies in the field of automobile and motorcycle production in Vietnam such as Honda Vietnam, Toyota Vietnam, Goshi Thang Long Vietnam, Nissin Brake Vietnam, Group Panasonic ...

With the development of the company and the domestic market, Cosmos has always identified the training of workers with industrial style as one important task, all employees of Cosmos are trained in the sense of time and working style, meeting hygiene standards under 5S international standards.

Thanks to that, the company has a skilled, experienced workers. Employees consider the company as their second home.

Not only focusing on business development, Comos company is also known as an active enterprise in social activities, charity. For employees, the company had a policy to help laborers families in difficult circumstances; coordinated NGO Aid Centers to participate in the program of building charity houses; presented gifts for the poor, disabled people, Agent Orange victims, the elderly and orphans and etc.

To become a leading supplier in Vietnam in the field of auxiliary mechanical industry, in the coming time, the company will improve the quality of human resources to receive new science and technology; promote automation, computerization in production units, office blocks; improve working environment; invest in modern machinery and equipment... to provide products with high quality to customers.

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