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Exceed revenue colletion, spend expenditure as regulated

Monday, 23/04/2018

With the goal of enhancing the State budget management, reforming the implementation of the budget revenue and expenditure, creating conditions to increase revenue and effectively use the budget, in the past years, Binh Xuyen district has focused on directing the reasonable exploitation of the budget revenue and expenditure sources, increasing resources for the socio-economic development in the district.

Piaggio Vietnam Co., Ltd (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park) - one of the leading companies in budget payment in Binh Xuyen district.

From the beginning of the year, the district has directed the specialized divisions closely coordinating with the district’s Tax sub-department in actively implementing solutions and creating conditions to encourage organizations and individuals of all economic sectors in the area to promote the efficiency of production and business and well perform its obligations for the state budget;

promote measures to handle tax debt, intensify the inspection, detect and promptly handle cases of tax declaration in contravention of regulations; notify the taxpayers' tax debts to the Management Boards and investors for coordinating in the tax debt collection in order to reach and exceed the assigned budget revenue plan;

thoroughly exploit the strengths of the district in industrial development; intensify the attraction of enterprises to invest in industrial parks and clusters in the local; create a favorable environment for the production and business activities of enterprises.

In 2017, the district had 15 new FDI enterprises with a total investment capital of nearly USD 74 million. Until now, the district has 110 FDI enterprises with a total registered capital of USD 1.865 million; four DDI businesses and 63 private enterprises. This is considered as an important basis for the main revenue source of Binh Xuyen district.

Thanks to the effective implementation of revenue management solutions, the total budget revenue in Binh Xuyen district in 2017 reached over VND 1,158 billion (achieving 120% of the estimate, rising 16% compared to the same period)...

In addition, the auction of land use rights in the district was convenient. In 2017, the district authorities held 33 auctions of land use rights, auctioned 241 boxes with a total area of 24,170 m2. The total money from auctioning land use rights of the district reached nearly VND 96 billion (rising over 45% compared to the same period).

The district's leaders directed the performance of the State budget collection according to the budget estimates, contributing to raise the efficiency of using state budget. On the basis of the assigned budget estimates, the agencies, units in the district increased their autonomy in arranging, balancing the expenditures from the budget to carry out the tasks of socio-economic development and ensure national defense and security.

The management and control of budget expenditures were ensured as the saving principle. The total budget expenditure in the district in 2017 was over 685 billion dong, reaching more than 116% of estimates, over 6% compared to the same period.

Beside the achievements, the management of budget collection and expenditure in Binh Xuyen district still faced difficulties, the progress of revenue collection in some revenues, taxes still lower than the assigned budget. The management and use of budget in some agencies, units, communes were limited. The finalization of payment dossiers, disbursement of funds were still slow ...

Additionally, continue to improve the efficiency of budget revenue and expenditure in the coming time, Binh Xuyen district concentrated on directing budget collection, fully exploiting revenue from production and business activities, promptly meeting and completing the district's political tasks as well as ensuring the funds for the implementation of social welfare policies.

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