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Create clean land fund for development

Tuesday, 17/04/2018

In the past time, together with the localities in the province, the Board of site clearance and land development have focused on well implementing the site clearance of the assigned projects; strengthened the management and development of land fund... contributing to create clean land fund for the socio-economic development in the province.

Mr. Vu Manh Bao, Head of the General Administration Division, the Board of site clearance and land development said that in 2017, the Board implemented the assigned tasks in difficult conditions.

The land management was still limited; the awareness of some people in the project area was inadequate.

In order to solve the above situation, this Board instructed officials and employees to closely monitor the site, directly participated in listening and receiving opinions of people to promptly solve difficulties and obstacles, create the consensus and trust for people; regularly coordinated with all levels, branches, agencies and units in developing and implementing plans to accelerate site clearance.

Ending 2017, the Board implemented site clearance of nearly 110 ha of 15 projects including 13 transitional projects and 2 new projects, meeting the requirements of the proposed plan.

Particularly, in December 2017, over VND 90 billion were paid to households whose lands were recovered in Thanh Lang town, Tan Phong commune (Binh Xuyen); the procedures and implementation of Nam Vinh Yen urban area project wete completed...

The Board of site clearance and land development of the province instructed to well carry out the tasks of managing the allocated land in over 316 hectares; finalized the order, contents, dossiers and public auction of 3C Dai Lai area on 3.600 m2 and the worth of about 25 billion dong;

Ba Thien industrial ozone on nearly 248ha; the commercial land of Xuan Hoa urban area with an area of 2.98 ha and the worth of about 90 billion dong; Mau Lam urban area (Vinh Yen) on 3 hectares and the worth of VND 200 billion ...

In the coming time, the Board will definitely solve some difficulties and shortcomings of current projects to hand over the ground to investors in early 2018; speed up the clearance of projects such as: Tam Duong 2 Industrial Zone; Hanoi-Lao Cai railway; Vinh Phuc flood and water management project; the provincial Sports Complex Project; the South of Vinh Yen urban area project... and other ones in the general planning of the province, striving to implement the site clearance with the total area of 120-130 ha.

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