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The bridge of workers - businesses

Tuesday, 17/04/2018

Representatng for workers, in the past years, the provincial Trade union of Industrial Zones has connected employees and business owners in solving dispute, building harmonious and stable relation.

Female workers of Honda Vietnam are advised to raise children scientifically at the milk storage room of the Company

At present, the union directly manages more than 64.6 thousand labors and 120 grassroots trade unions with 58,636 union members. Performing the assigned tasks, the union regularly instructs the grassroots unions to capture information about the life of employees and timely has solutions to support them.

Implementing the guidance of the senior Labor Confederation on organizing workers' conferences and building the regulation on dialogue at enterprises, the provincial Trade union of Industrial Zones has taken drastic actions. Up to now, more than 60% of grassroots trade unions organize one dialogue per month with the employer.

Especially, some enterprises actively take part in weekly and monthly discussions with their staffs to understand the situation, thoughts as well as the mind and aspiration of the workers. The grassroots trade unions also participate in building labor regulations; setting up regular mechanism on dialogue between the grassroots unions and owners...

The union also pays attention to supervise enterprises in recuiting labor, signing labor contracts in accordance with the law. The union’s members and laborers when officially recruited will have labor contracts and participate in social insurance. From the above activities, in 2017, the situation in the industrial zones was more stable.

Along with ensuring rights and benefits for workers, the union also instructs the grassroots to effectively coordinate with enterprises in health care for laborers. Up to now, most enterprises organize periodic health examination for laborers.

Understanding the policy of the Vietnam General Labor Federation on "Improving the quality of workers' meals", the union has reviewed and directed its grassroots requiring employers to pay attention to the quality of workder's meals.

In 2017, the grassroots trade unions visited and presented nearly 500 gifts to laborers having difficult circumstances with the amount of over 900 million dong. During the year, it also cooperated with the grassroots propagating and mobilizing laborers to support the Fund "For poor workers", attracting the sympathy and support of employees and employers with the total amount of over 81 million dong.

Thanks to the coordination of the trade union, many employers have raised their awareness, fully implemented salary, bonus and welfare regimes for laborers, contributing to improve the spiritual and cultural life for workers such as VPIC 1, Vina Korea, Shinwon Vietnam, Exedy Vietnam, Lam Vien Industry and many other companies.

It can be seen that with the efforts of the trade union of Industrial Zones, workers and enterprises have one connection and a common voice. Thereby, ensuring to take care the life of the union members and help them feel assured to work in enterprises.

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