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Supporting the recruitment in industrial parks

Friday, 13/04/2018

The more developed industrial production is, the more increasing the demand on labor in the industrial parks is. However, in the first months of the year, in some enterprises, the lack of labor affected to their production and business. Before that fact, enterprises need more attention of the province in supporting labor recruitment.

According to reports from the Management Board of Industrial Parks, now, there are 11 IPs established and granted the investment certificates with nearly 246 valid investment projects in the province, including 200 FDI projects and 46 DDI projects.

The employees can easily find the recruitment information of enterprises in the bulletin board of the Provincial Job Service Center.

The increasing number of investment projects also causes the labor shortage. Recognizing that, over the last time, the province has implemented many practical activities such as building the job service center as a bridge between enterprise and worker in looking for job, building some social works such as workers' houses, kindergartens around the industrial parks to keep the employees, coordinating with the localities and training establishments to support enterprises in recruiting laborers, especially new businesses and businesses expanding the production, often concerning, grasping the difficulties, conflicts in labor relation to timely help businesses solve and create stable conditions for business activities.

In the first quarter of 2018, the Management Board of the industrial parks approved the adjustment, change and supplement of employment positions for 38 enterprises with 138 employment positions employing the foreign laborers; granted newly and re-granted the work permits for 96 foreign workers; 11 foreign workers returning home repayed the work permits...

By the end of March 2018, the industrial parks in the province are using more than 81 thousand workers, an increase of 2 thousand compared to on 12/31/2017 and an increase of 18 thousand people compared to the end of 2016, in which, the provincial labor is nearly 63 thousand, accounting for 77.5%.

However, according to the assessment at the inter-sectoral conference on labor recruitment of enterprises in IPs in 2018, held in late March, the labor shortage is occurring quite commonly in the industrial parks in the province and the situation will be more difficult in the future. Specifically, according to the synthesis report of 36 enterprises in Binh Xuyen Industrial Park and Khai Quang IP, the recruitment need of these enterprises was more than 10 thousand unskilled workers and nearly 400 technical workers mainly on March-April in the field of garment, electronics, mechanics. In which, The female worker is preferentially recruited with the rate of over 84%. Some companies have the large demand in recruitment such as: Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Company (700 employees), Vina Korea Company (1,100 employees) ...

This is not a small challenge that at present businesses are mainly recruiting the age of 18-25, as well as the priority of recruiting female workers. Many businesses have to organize the recruitment in and outside the province.

The rate of labor outside the province has been increasing, reaching 22.5% in March, 2018, up 4.8% compared to the end of 2016. Meanwhile, the conditions of cultural facilities such as houses, kindergartens, cultural houses for workers in the province are still lacking so it is difficult to keep workers, especially women of childbearing age.

Facing to challenges on labor shortage, in the coming time, the management Board of industrial parks shall actively coordinate with concerned agencies in performing the State management on the labor in the industrial parks according to their authorized tasks; monitor the situation, the labor supply and demand situation of enterprises to help them recruit the laborers with the role as the bridge among the enterprises and localities and vocational training institutions in the province. However, the enterprises should actively and closely coordinate with the localities to provide more specific and timely information on recruitment demand; commit to implement fully the publicized information.

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