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Yen Lac district: Many solutions on job placement for workers

Thursday, 12/04/2018

Determining the work of poverty reduction, job placement for laborers as the important tasks to contribute to ensure social security, in the past time, Yen Lac district always concentrates all resources for this work and has achieved many positive results.

Laborers are trained and can find fob at the centre of regular education of Yen Lac

In 2017, the whole district created new jobs for more than 2,950 laborers, reaching 100% of the year plan.

In which, industry and construction sector had 1,300 people; agriculture and fishery: 900 people; commercial and service sector: 750 people. The district propagandized and counseled thousands of laborers, bringing more than 280 workers to work abroad, reaching more than 114%.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuyen, Head of the Division of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Yen Lac District said: "The Party committees and authorities in the district always pay attention to propagate the policies of the province to create jobs and reduce poverty for


In particular, focusing on Directive 04 of the provincial People's Committee on further sending labor to work abroad; policies to support vocational education and job placement in accordance with Resolution 207 of the provincial People's Council;

Decision 18 of the provincial People's Committee on promulgating regulations on managing and implementing a number of policies to support and provide loans for job creation in the province ... "

To solve inland employment, the Division of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs issued a detailed plan on vocational training for rural workers; urged communes and towns to well perform job placement; collaborated with the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, Division of Economic Infrastructure and vocational training centers in the district such as Minh Tien Vocational Training Center to organize vocational training courses for workers.

Especially, through organizations such as the Farmers' Association, the Women's Union, the Youth Union and etc., laborers can access preferential capital sources, breeding animals, agricultural plants...; participate in training courses to improve knowledge and application of scientific and technological advances in cultivation and husbandry, thereby developing high-income and sustainable economic models.

In addition, the district also paid much attention to support the capital, machinery and equipment for village laborers in the district in order to maintain and develop the traditional craft village as well as solve local jobs, ensure social security in the locality.

To solve employment in the industrial sector, in order to improve the quality of labor force, the district has propagated and mobilized to raise awareness for young labor force, encourage laborers to participate in vocational training.

To improve vocational training, the center cooperated with prestigious enterprises and vocational schools such as Vinh Phuc vocational college, Phuc Yen industrial college and etc. to organize vocational training courses in association with the employment introduction for workers.

Highly appreciating the role of labor export in employment, the Steering Committee of job placement of the district has directed the Division of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs to coordinate with functional units to promote propaganda to people about the labor export; coordinate with other functional units such as the Labor Export Training Center, the provincial Job Service Center, the Youth Employment Service Center and reputable export labor enterprises to regularly hold conferences, consultation workshops about labor export.

By synchronously implementating solutions, job placement for laborers in Yen Lac district has achieved positive results, contributing to reduce the rate of poor households and improve people's life.

In the first quarter of 2018, more than 1,260 employees were created job in the whole district, in which, industry-construction: 730 employees; agricultural and fishery sector: nearly 200 employees; service - trade: more than 340 employees. The district has more 43 workers to work abroad.

In the coming time, to further improve the work of job creation and poverty reduction, local authorities of Yen Lac district will continue to promote the propaganda on meaning, importance and awareness of people on job creation, labor export; organize training courses to improve knowledge and create favorable conditions for laborers to access loans for family economic development. The district will also direct division, localities to further propagate and support job placement through the labor export channel.

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