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Confirming the trust of investors

Monday, 07/08/2017

In the first 7 months of 2017, the province has 21 FDI projects increasing their capital with an additional amount of over USD 155 million. This showed that the investment environment of the province has been improved and further strengthened the investors' confidence so that they can continue investing and expanding their business activities, actively contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

Jahwa Vina Company Limited , Khai Quang ward (Vinh Yen city) creates stable jobs for 7,200 laborers with an average income of over VND 7 million / person / month.

According to the data of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in recent years, with many preferential policies in investment attraction and business support, the business environment of Vinh Phuc province has been further improved. This has been proved by specific actions such as the supportive policies on vocational training and job creation; infrastructure construction including the system of roads, electricity supply, water supply, communication ... to the fences of industrial parks; applying the lowest land rent price in the regulatory framework of the State, helping enterprises reduce production costs, improving the product's competitiveness; the administrative procedures are publicized on the process, the components of records and forms are monitored to implement under the one-stop-door mechanism through the electronic software and dealt with by the "one-stop door" mechanism... Especially, the leaders of Vinh Phuc province always pay close attention to businesses through meetings, business dialogues, maintaining the dialogue portal of enterprise - Vinh Phuc's government, thereby, catching up the difficulties and obstacles of the enterprises in the implementation of projects as well as the production and business activities to take timely measures to solve them. Vinh Phuc Province's Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2016 ranked 9th out of 63 provinces and cities in the country and maintained the top 10 with good operation quality.

The policies, the timely attention of the province has made investors expanding investment, developing the production and business. Mr. Lee Jong Young, General Director of Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd, Khai Quang (Vinh Yen city) said that Vinh Phuc had a good business environment, the investors in the province always received the attention, companion of the authorities in the province. Over 10 years of production and business, they always feel very satisfied and are impressed with the determination transfering from the government management to the government of management and serving of the provincial leaders. This was the factor that they continuously adjusted to increase the investment capital. It is known that in more than 10 years of operation, Jahwa Vina has 13 times of raising capital with more than VND 1,172 billion. This capital has been used to expand the factory and import machinery, aiming to produce about 300 tons of electronic components per a year and 150 tons of IT components per a year. In 2016, the company's revenue reached to VND 2,700 billion and in the first 6 months of 2017, the revenue reached to nearly VND 2,000 billion, creating stable jobs for 7,200 laborers with an average income of over VND 7 million / person / month.

Daeduck Vietnam Co., Ltd, Ba Thien Industrial Park (Binh Xuyen) from South Korean wá established in 2015 with the investment capital of USD 14 million, specializing in manufacturing electronic components for satellite companies of Samsung... After the exploration, finding the business environment in Vinh Phuc quite favorable, the company added USD 30 million to build factories to expand the production and business. At present, the company is hiring 130 employees with an income of VND 6 million/ person / month. According to the representative of Daeduck Vietnam Co., Ltd, the investors were really impressed by the infrastructure, consistency policy, many incentives for the province's investors. Especially, the company was always facilitated by the authorities so that the investors can feel assured. Therefore, in the next time, the company will survey, continue to increase the investment capital to expand production and business.

They are just two out of 20 FDI enterprises deciding to increase their investment capital to expand the production and business in the first 6 months. This showed that the preferential policies of the province have been promoted the effectiveness; in particular, the constant, continuos attention and timely facilitation from the provincial leaders have provided an important resource for investors to be assured for the sustainable development, increasingly contributing positively to the socio - economic development of the province.

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