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Focus on job placement and social security

Thursday, 03/08/2017

In the first 6 months of 2017, the provincial People's Committee directed to organize 19 job transaction sessions, attracting 430 enterprises and 1,193 workers were recruited. In the first 6 months of the year, the province created jobs for 12,153 laborers, in which 847 workers were exported.

The province had visits and presented gifts of the State President and the province to the policy beneficiaries who had the merits, the units on duty on Tet holiday, patients having serious illness couldn't go home on Tet holiday, contributing to encourage and visit in time to the policy beneficiaries in the province. The social protection and poverty reduction was focused on, the province issued 74,391 health insurance cards for 32,593 poor people and 41,798 near poor people; suppled the health insurance cards for 62 poor and near-poor households arising from sickness and illnesses which required the long-term treatment; supported the electricity fee for 16,724 poor households with a total cost of VND 1.34 billion.

The province launched out the Action Month for Children in 2017; deployed the Community-based child protection system; Child injury prevention plan; constructed the welfare, entertainment works, presented the gifts, scholarships for poor children, supported the orthopedic surgery for children with disabilities. The sponsors donated 30 bicycles, 35 school supplies and 50 scholarships to children in particularly difficult circumstances in the province.

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