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Lap Thach district: In the first 6 months, state budget revenue reaches over 490 billion dong

Monday, 31/07/2017

In the first six months of 2017, the total state budget revenue of Lap Thach district reached over VND 490 billion, equaling to 63% of the province's assigned budget in 2017. Of which, domestic revenue was VND 56.5 billion, equaling to 84% of the plan. Specifically: non-state tax revenue reached VND 20.1 billion, accounting for 71% of the estimate and up 25% compared to the same period; Personal income tax was VND 2.87 billion, exceeding 11% of estimate and up 82% compared to the same period; Land use fees reached VND 12.1 billion, equaling to 61% of the estimate; registration fee reached 8.76 billion dong, equaling to 97% of the estimate; charges and fees gained VND 3 billion, exceeding 136% of the estimate and up 89% compared to the same period ...

To complete the state budget collection target in 2017, the district People's Committee will direct the division of Finance and Planning Division, and Tax to continue implementing measures to raise the efficiency of state budget revenues; in which, focus on strengthening the examination and revision of state budget revenues and expenditures in order to ensure the revenue sources... Besides, the district will also direct the communes and towns to strengthen the management and exploitation of revenue sources in the locality, especially revenue source from the auction of land use right to create the capital for investment in infrastructure construction.

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