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Changes in the industrial development in mountainous districts

Wednesday, 31/05/2017

In recent years, the industry in the mountainous districts has achieved positive results, contributing to job placement, income generation, improve people's lives, and the socio-economic development of the province.

K-Electronic Co., Ltd (Lap Thach) creates jobs for 800 laborers with an average salary of VND 5-6 million/ person / month.

Located far from the center of the province, having the hilly terrain, poor technical infrastructure and backward facilities, especially, the weak transportation system make the mountainous districts of the province get many difficulties in attracting investment and industrial development. However, some districts have overcome difficulties, exploited the advantage of land fund, quick land clearance, utilized the abundant labor force ... to focus on mobilizing the resources to invest, develop the industrial parks, clusters, and attract businesses to invest.

Song Lo was known as a district having few investment projects. However, in recent years, the district has attracted many businesses coming to invest, expand production and create jobs for thousands of local workers such as Hung Vuong Garment Company (Cao Phong commune) hiring 60 employees with an average salary of VND 4 million / person / month; Dang Cong Co., Ltd (Lang Cong commune) producing clothes for export and creating stable jobs for 90 laborers with an average salary of VND 3.5 million per person per month ... Now, Song Lo district has nearly 10 enterprises, which are trying to speed up the construction of the factory in order to put into operation in 2017. The development of industry not only creates jobs, increases laborers' income but also contributes to bring the economy of the district develop in the right direction, reduce the proportion of agriculture and forestry, increase the proportion of industry and services. In order to do that, over the past time, Song Lo district has paid much attention to invest in building some key traffic routes, well implementing mechanisms and policies for investors, promoting, introducing, encouraging, calling for foreign investors, speeding up the planning and site clearance. At present, the district has completed the planning and site clearance of 100% of area of 2 industrial parks: Song Lo 1 and Song Lo 2 with a total area of ​​380 hectares and Dong Thinh industrial cluster (over 18 hectares), three land lots for small and medium enterprises in the communes: Duc Bac (more than 4.1 hectares); Lang Cong (over 2.2 hectares); Hai Luu (over 12.1 hectares).

In the industrial development, Lap Thach district faced many difficulties. However, with the attention of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial People's Committee in implementing the national targets on building new rural areas, the technical infrastructure of the district has been improved, the transportation is convenient, creating conditions for the district become the attractive destinations to the investors. Mr. Vu Cao Khai, Head of Division of Economy - Infrastructure of Lap Thach district said that by focusing on the good implementation of site clearance, investment in technical infrastructure construction and development of transportation network, up to now, 8 projects have been invested in, with a total registered capital of over VND 1,000 billion and USD 16 million. Many enterprises are operating in production and business, contributing significantly to local budget such as: Loi Tin Footwear Company (Lap Thach town), Lap Thach Footwear Joint Stock Company, K-Electronic Co., Ltd. (Xuan Loi Commune) ... To promote the achievements, Lap Thach district continues the detailed planning of three industrial parks with a total area of ​​840 hectares and five industrial clusters with a total area of ​​over 40 hectares, distributed evenly in some communes, town in the district: Bac Binh, Thai Hoa, Tu Du, Xuan Loi, Ban Gian, Hoa Son ... to meet the needs of expanding and development of the enterprises, bringing the industrial production to become a spearhead economic sector of the district in the future.

Although the industry of the mountainous districts is flourishing day by day, contributing to create jobs, increase people's incomes and ensure the social security, however, the number of newly established enterprises is not many, the number of investment projects in the mountainous areas is still modest, mainly are the enterprises, which produce the electronic components and garment, recruite mostly female workers, leading to a shortage of female laborers, exuberance of male laborers in some places. To overcome the above situation, bring the industry of mountainous districts in a sustainable manner, in the coming time, the province will continue to invest in developing traffic system, introducing, promoting and selecting investors who are suitable to each locality, and formulating mechanisms and policies to assist investors in industrial parks in mountainous districts.

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