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Efficiency of Bank-Business Connection Program

Wednesday, 31/05/2017

In the past years, the progeam of Bank-Business Connection has been widely implemented by credit institutions and banks in the province, contributing to solve difficulties in capital, credit and interest rates for enterprises; promote production and business; then, contribute to the economic growth of the province.

Vietcombank, Vinh Phuc branch actively seek for customers.

Due to the lack of capital, Vigracera Hop Thinh Joint Stock Company in Hoi Hop ward (Vinh Yen City) faced many difficulities, so that the company reduced the production scale to maintain its operation. But through the Bank-Business Connection program, the company has received the capital and developed after the difficult period. Mr. Nguyen Van Khai, Head of Finance Department, Vigracera Hop Thinh Joint Stock Company said, “We received more than VND 2 billion to invest in production materials and pay workers’ salary. Thanks to bank loans, we have overcome the difficult period. At present, our company provides to the market 3.5 million bricks per month, gain the revenue of more than 3 billion dong/month, and creates job for 170 laborers with the salary of 4.6 million VND / person / month.”

With the aim of becoming the leading company in applying new technology in the production process, Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd (Khai Quang industrial zone) has been disbursed the capital by Vietcombank, Vinh Phuc branch to modernize the production line. At present, the machines such as: welding machines, stamping, molding and other tools of the company are manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard for the integrated management system, meeting manufacturer's requirements such as: Honda, Yamaha ...

In the previous years, the credit has mainly focused on areas such as real estate, stock market...; today, the credit line of BIDV, Vinh Phuc branch is oriented to 5 areas including: export enterprises, small and medium enterprises, and FDI enterprises. At present, there are 125 enterprises have met the conditions of participating in the bank's credit packages, with the disbursement of over 800 billion dong and preferential interest rate of 2 - 7.5%/year. Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, Deputy Director of BIDV Vinh Phuc said, "Previously, businesses had to come to the banks for the capital; but now the bank itself come to businesses to mobilize loans when they satisfy all conditions."

In order to proactively access reputable enterprises having effective business plan, Vietcombank Vinh Phuc has many products for customers as: FDI enterprises, newly established enterprises, commercial enterprises, ensuring fast and convenient procedures as well as preferential interest rates. In addition, the bank also considers to apply solutions on supporting customers, help businesses stabilize their production and business. To the end of March 2017, the total outstanding loans of Vietcombank Vinh Phuc reached over VND 5,500 billion.

According to the statistics of the State Bank in Vinh Phuc, up to now, the outstanding loans of banks and credit institutions are over 20,200 billion dong, accounting for nearly 45% of the total loans, with more than 2,000 disbursed customers.

After more than 3 years of implementing, the program of Bank-Business Connection has solved the problems of capital for many enterprises. Through this program, banks and businesses have more opportunities to consolidate the trust and long-term cooperation. The bank can know what their customers need and how to invest. Enterprises can understand more about existing policies and services of the bank; then, adjust their plan for the production and business development.

However, at present, some enterprises have many difficulties in accessing bank capital, mainly small and medium enterprises whose business activities rely on bank loans, while the capacity of management is limited, the system of accounting documents is not complete. Therefore, in order to access the capital, businesses need to improve their management capacity, find out effective business plans meeting the lending conditions of banks.

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