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Song Lo focuses on accelerating key projects

Wednesday, 31/05/2017

In the past years, Song Lo district has always received the attention and direction of the province and the Central in many sectors, especially in basic construction investment. The investing capital in the district is mainly from the State budget, many projects were put into use and brought high efficiency contributing to economic restructuring and the improvement of people’s material and spiritual life.

Right from the beginning of the year, the Construction and Investment Project Management Board of Song Lo district has implemented many measures to ensure that key projects would be completed on time. The Board actively coordinated with clearance committee to review the projects that have problems on the ground to focus on removing, soon speeding the construction; carring out the site clearance for new projects right at the beginning of the year, completing the site clearance before organizing the bidding.

In 2016, although the economic recession, affecting infrastructure construction investment, Song Lo district still received the attention of the province and continued investing in some key projects with legally exploited capital of the localities in the district. Investment in infrastructure construction continued serving the life of the people in the district.

In order to carry out the projects on schedule, from the beginning of the year, the Construction and Investment Project Management Board of Song Lo district well perform the planning management, closely cooperate with the investors to mark the planning landmark, review, classify and carry out procedures for submission, approval and final settlement when the project is completed; strengthen the selection of qualified bidders.

To the end of December 2016, the district completed procedures to finalize 11 projects with a total value of more than 116 billion dong including 6 finalized projects with the value after approval of over 75 billion dong. At the same time, the district also implemented six new projects including: Sports House, Guest House, Garden and five projects on inter-commune road with a total investment capital of more than 90 billion dong.

In the 2017, the Construction and Investment Project Management Board of Song Lo District will continue to focus on monitoring, supervising contractors to accelerate the construction of a number of key projects such as: Song Lo district center road package 01, 02 (package 03 will be completed in 2018 according to the provincial plan); Road 307; Headquarters of the district people committee - phase 3; district Political School (phase 2), items including operator house, yard, garden, fence and some internal roads, inter commune roads...

Mr. Tran Van Khanh, Head of the Board said that in order to finish the projects as scheduled, on the basis of the planning approved by the district, the Board is actively reviewing all phases of the projects to advise the people’ Committee of the district to make the plan, execute site clearance compensation, select contractor and organize project bidding. Besides, the Board will also closely cooperates with the investors and contractors to fully complete procedures to effectively implement the projects according to the approved plan.

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