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Ensuring the benefits of employees

Monday, 29/05/2017

With the aim of ensuring better benefits for employees of enterprises in the province, trade unions at all levels have implemented many practical and effective activities. This is a source of encouragement for laborers to overcome difficulties, actively work, produce and fulfill assigned tasks.

Football matchs contribute to create the atmosphere of enthusiasm, eager labor production emulation in each trade union member of enterprises in the province.

At present, the average basic salary of employees at enterprises in the province is about VND 3.5 million per month. With this income, most workers want to work overtime to meet their living needs. Especially the workers paying for a rent, have to spend most of the salary for daily necessities. However, thanks to the concern of authorities, especially employers, the material and spiritual living standards of employees have been improved. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Van Anh - worker of Bang Joo Electronic Vietnam Co., Ltd, Ba Thien I Industrial Park (Binh Xuyen) said, “Because of the working requirements, we have to maintain the production for 24 / 24h. To create favorable conditions for us to rest, the company built the campus and canteen serving the needs of recreation and entertainment for us. From 2014, our company has always maintained 18,000 dong for each meal. In addition, the regimes of maternity, allowances, compensation, insurance ... are always fully implemented by the company, helping us peace of mind here.”

Besides taking care of material life, the spiritual one is also focused on by businesses. At present, the employees have less playing field and less chance to participate in cultural activities so that trade unions and enterprises of the organize activities such as: competitions, sports performances; awards for outstanding individuals having achievements, creativity in production ... to improve the spiritual life contributing to create exciting emulation atmosphere for each worker. Since its inception, Cosmos Technology Co., Ltd, Khai Quang Industrial Park (Vinh Yen City) has implemented many practical action programs in the care of life, protection of legitimate rights and interests, health care for employees. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nguyet, Deputy Head of Human Resources Division of the company said that one of the key issues that the company's leaders always paid attention was the full implementation of the policies and health care for employees. Therefore, 100% of employees’ health of the company were regularly checked once a year. After the medical examination, the human resources department would base on the health condition of each person to arrange suitable work. Since the beginning of 2016, the company has taken a welfare fund of more than VND 600 million to support the employees.

According to the statistics of the Trade Union of Industrial Parks, the whole province has more than 50,000 trade union members in 113 grassroot trade unions. In which, 98% of trade union members are working in foreign invested enterprises. In order to well care for them, the Trade Union of the industrial Parks steered the grassroor trade unions to review, amend, supplement and sign the collective labor agreements with the enterprises; pay attention to propose the beneficial contents to the workers such as the welfare, allowances, meals, travel, difficulty allowance, sickness visit, etc. especially, participating in the process of building wage level, labor norms and forms of wage payment of the enterprises; supervising labor recruitment, checking the development of recruitment standards, the quantity and quality of laborers, supervising the implementation of the procedures and processes for recruitment and conclusion of contracts in accordance with the provisions of the law to promptly solve problems related to the law rights and interests of the employees at the work place.

Mrs. Dinh Nhu Hoa, Chairman of the Trade Union of the provincial Industrial Parks said that to properly perform the role of protecting the rights and interests of employees, the grassroot trade union should enhance the leadership of the Party Committee of the Management Board of the industrial parks in accessing the businesses through the collective bargaining agreement registration. Thence, proposing to organize the activities meeting and exchanging between the employers and employees to catch up and solve the matters of the employees promptly. Negotiating with the employers to commit for the employees to ensure the better benefits and welfare than the previous years.Until now, 52% of the grassroot trade unions organize employee conferences, 81% have regular dialogues with their employers. "

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