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Solutions on increasing PCI: Impression from the point-rising indicators

Friday, 26/05/2017

In 2016, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Vinh Phuc ranked the 9th place out of 63 provinces, cities, reducing 5 grades compared to 2015. However, Vinh Phuc was still at the top 10 of localities having good operation quality and the second place in the Red River Delta.

The officials of the one-stop-door division of the Planning and Investment Department advise, guide the procedures on enterprise establishment for the investors.


According to the recent PCI announcement of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vinh Phuc has the score of 61.52 points ranked in the top 10 of Vietnam; the top 5 including Binh Duong, Da Nang, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Dong Nai and Vinh Phuc having the best infrastructure rated by private enterprises. Especially, Vinh Phuc has three point-rising indicators compared to in 2015: index entering the market reached 8.48 points, up 0.07 points; the transparency, was 6.90 points, up 0.41 points; business support index was 5.64 points, up 0.38 points. There are two component indexes having the increase in point and rank: (1) transparency, increasing 14 grades and 0.41 points (5/63); (2) business support: 19 grades and 0.38 points (28/63). However, they are the indicators having the biggest weighting in the PCI, each of them occupies 20%.

Increasing the transparency index is a positive result when the province implements the transparency in plans and legal documents ensuring the availability of documents. Legal documents and directives of the provincial People's Committee and administrative procedures, guidelines, policies of the Party, State and province, mechanisms on supporting investment promotion of the province published on the provincial Information and Communication Portal and e-portals of the departments, agencies and localities. The provincial Portal regularly publishes and updates information on administrative procedures (new procedures, supplements, abolition), online public services. Up to now, 1,931 administrative procedures are updated (1,255 services at level 2 and 5 services at level 3) have been updated; updating hundreds of information on projects of public procurement bidding, development planning, land price list, construction material price ... The province has established and publicized the hotline on administrative procedure; the hotline answering the questions of organizations, citizens; the hotline supporting the businesses. The administrative procedures, documents, forms, detailed guidance on administrative procedures, settlement time, fees are publicly posted at the agencies as well as at the electronic information portal of relevant agencies. The website of the provincial Investment and Promotion Agency is built in 5 languages ​​and regularly updated information about projects called for investment, investment opportunities, investment procedures, News, events related to investment activities of the province. The Business- Authorities Dialogue Portal is the place where the individuals and businesses ask and express their opinions and aspirations to all levels, departments and agencies of the province, help people and businesses access quickly, easily, conveniently the information from the authorities, so it is appreciated by many businesses.

Mr. Chikamatsu, Director of Hirota Precision Vietnam Co., Ltd said, “In 7 years in Khai Quang Industrial Park (Vinh Yen City), we always receive the attention and companion of all authorities of the province. I am very satisfied and impressed with the spirit of the progressive and the determination tranfering from the management authorities to the authorities both management and service of the provincial leaders. This determination is concretized by organizing the meetings, dialogues and timely resolving difficulties and problems for the businesses of the leaders of provincial People's Committee with the businesses on Friday afternoon.”

It can be seen that the solutions on accompanying, supporting enterprises to remove difficulties and enhancing investment attraction, which have been deployed in the last time, have gradually promoted the effectiveness, that’s why there are 7 reducing indexes but PCI of Vinh Phuc province in 2016 still ranked at the top 10 provinces having good operation quality and the second place in the Red River Delta. However, in order to increase PCI sustainably, Vinh Phuc needs more comprehensive and actionable solutions in the future.

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