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Song Lo district promotes solutions on investment attraction

Friday, 26/05/2017

Currently, Song Lo district has been planned with three industrial zones, including: Song Lo 1, Song Lo 2 and Lap Thach 1 in the total area of nearly 400 hectares. With the advantages of a large area, abundant labor force and near Hanoi-Lao Cai highway... after coming into operation, these industrial zones will bring many benefits to the locality and enterprises. In order to fill up and put industrial parks into operation soon, the district has proposed many solutions to attract invesment fro businesses.

At present, many businesses are leveling, building factories in the Song Lo 1 industrial park.

As a mountainous district, Song Lo has a total area of over 15,000 hectares and nearly 99,000 people. The number of people in the working age is nearly 58 thousand, accounting for nearly 60% of the population. With the advantage of large land and population, the planning of industrial parks will help the locality to promote job placement and increase revenue to the State budget. Now, all three industrial zones have had detail planning in the area of 389 ha.

Although planned, the investing attraction in industrial there still faces to many difficulties. Being a mountainous district having low revenue, the district limits in spending capital for the development of industrial parks and clusters; besides, its transport infrastructure is not synchronous.

In order to deal with the above difficulties, Song Lo district has proposed the provincial People's Committee and functional departments to: (1) increase the level of investment support to build infrastructure of industrial clusters from 5 billion dong to 10 billion dong; (2) consider investment in some key traffic routes; (3) have mechanisms and policies to support and encourage enterprises to invest in the construction of infrastructure; (4) facilitate site clearance compensation to implement land allocation for approved projects.

Vinh Phuc province has approved some projects of the district which are being carried to for the development of industrial zones. In addition, thanks to the promotion and introduction of investment, Song Lo has welcomed dozens of enterprises coming to explore investing opportunities. As a result, up to now, Song Lo 1 industrial park has many big enterprises investing there such as: Vietnam Industrial Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (VID Group); Truong Au Garment Co., Ltd investing to build a factory with an area of ​​5,000m2, attracting 500-800 laborers; Song Lo Infrastructure Development Investment Company Limited; Yen Binh Investment Development Joint Stock Company; VIT Grament and Export Co., Ltd investing 70 billion VND to build a plant with an area of 2ha and 1,500 to 2,000 laborers.

Besides the three industrial parks, Song Lo district also has Dong Thinh industrial cluster (over 18ha); Hai Luu industrial cluster (over 12 hectares) and tens of thousands m2 of land planned for small and medium enterprises in Duc Bac and Lang Cong commune ...

In order to further attract investment, take advantage of the attention and assistance of the provincial People's Committee, Song Lo district also strengthens the leadership of the Party committee and mobilizes all of the political system to participate in investment promotion; focus on attracting investment resources in the mineral processing, building materials production; continuing to call for investment in the textile and garment industry, garment export, export packaging production; strengthening human resource training in investment promotion; supporting financial source for vocational training; well carring out administrative procedures reform, changing working style and attitude when handling problems for people and enterprises; creating the best conditions to support enterprises when implementing investment projects; encouraging meetings, dialogue with businesses to remove difficulties, promote production development for businesses ...

By enhancing investment in infrastructure, creating preferntial policies and mechanisms, in the coming time, Song Lo district will attract more domestic and foreign businesses. This is the key factor for the district to accelerate the job placement and increase the State budget, and then social security activities.

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