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Fire prevention and fighting in electronic component enterprises

Thursday, 25/05/2017

According to the statistics, at present, the province has 35 factories and enterprises manufacturing electronic components. In each factory or enterprise, there are many electronic components made by flammable materials; the factory is arranged and constructed using flammable materials such as heat-resistant ceilings with insulation and ventilation ... In addition, many enterprises rent factories with inappropriate fire protection system.

The safe working environment ensures fire protection factors at Solum Vina Co., Ltd. (Ba Thien II Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen).

To deal with that situation, the Police Department of fire prevention and fighting directed the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Guidance Division to coordinate with functional departments to review and make a list of enterprises manufacturing electronic components according to the regulations; made examination schedule and established a working group to inspect the implementation of the State regulations on fire prevention and fighting at those places.

Through the inspection, 100% of factories, enterprises and their leaders paid attention to fire prevention - fighting and understood the importance of fire prevention - fighting in business activities. The management of fire prevention and fighting activities are always kept and regularly added into documents by owners. 100% of companies have equipped portable fire extinguishers with MFZ4 powder or MT3 gas; had electric system with underground electric wires in the wall, the floors and rooms are equipped with protective equipments such as automat, electric fuse... for production activities of enterprises.

However, it is the fact that fire prevention and fighting in enterprises producing electronic components still have some limitations such as: many enterprises have not built fire fighting plan in accordance with Circular 66/2014/ TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security; On-site fire fighting equipments are not fully equipped in quantity according to regulations of Vietnam Standard 3890-2009, in which, mainly automatic fire-fighting system; Firefighting equipments in some facilities have not been periodically inspected and maintained in accordance with regulations.

Through the inspection, the working group made records of 34 violation cases against the rules and regulations of fire prevention and fighting in business activities and 7 administrative violations with the administrative sanctions of 18 million dong.

In order to deal with the fire prevention and fighting in electronic enterprises, in the coming time, the Fire Fighting Guidance Division and the regional police of fire prevention and fighting will continuosly review, make a list and classify enterprises which are in the management of fire prevention and fighting according to regulations; guide enterprises in building up fire prevention and fighting forces in place; organize the training and fully equipped fire prevention and fighting equipments as prescribed to well implement the guideline "four in place";

At the same time, strengthen the propaganda to raise the awareness and sense of fire prevention and fighting as well as the role and responsibility of leaders in implementing the rules of law on fire prevention and fighting; guide the enterprises to maintain the activity of self-inspection of fire prevention and fighting.

In addition, the self-inspection work has become a regular and continuous task to proactively detect mistakes and failures in fire prevention and fighting, thereby having measures and solutions to prevent and overcome those problems in time. Additionally, resolutely handle enteprises violating regulations on fire prevention and fighting; for enterprises which do not ensure the safety of fire prevention and fighting, directly threatening to human life, will be stopped its operation and widely announced on the mass media to prevent the risk of fire and explosion in time or serious consequences.

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