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The capital mobilized from credit in the province increases over 2 thousand billion dong

Thursday, 25/05/2017

According to the report of the State Bank of Vinh Phuc, in 2017/3/31, it was estimated that the total mobilized capital of credit institutions in the province reached over 51 thousand billion dong, rising 0.21 % compared to the previous month, rising over VND 2 thousand billion dong (4.48%) compared to the end of 2016; in which, term deposits of over 12 months reached over 9 thousand billion dong (rising 12.9%).

The mobilized capital increased mainly from saving deposits of people with the increase at more than 2 thousand billion dong, accounting for 56.5% of the total capital. In order to gain the above result, credit institutions in the province have well carried out the mobilization of population deposits, offsetting the reduced capital by economic organizations to invest in production and business activities, ensuring the liquidity and meeting the capital needs of the economy.

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