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For the benefits of laborer

Thursday, 25/05/2017

Over the past time, the Trade Union of the provincial industrial parks (IPs) has had many innovations in operating, focusing on the grassroots, all for the benefit of union members. The Trade Union not only carries out well the protection of their rights and legitimate interests, but also builds a harmonious relationship between enterprises and workers, actively develops the union members and builds a strong union organization.

Loi Tin Limited Company (Lap Thach) creates jobs and stable income for nearly 4,000 local workers.

At present, the Trade Union directly manages 113 grassroots trade unions with more than 50,000 union members. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of union members and employees, this Union actively grasp the situation of living, work, ideas and aspirations of union members and employees; since then, there are practical measures to help employees, union members improve the material and spiritual lives and be protected of all interests.


Every year, the grassroot trade unions combine effectively with employers in health care for their employees; as a result, 100% union members and employees are participated in regular medical check-ups for 1-2 times per year. The Trade Union of the industrial parks directed its grassroots to cooperate with enterprise owners to develop and implement the plans on labor protection, organize propaganda of labor protection for trade union officials, union members and employees on OSH contents, protect the environment, coordinate with the Legal and Policy Department and the Legal Consultancy Center of the provincial Labor Federation to consult and guide the implementation of legal documents, policies towards employees and carry out the labor protection of the enterprises.

The program "Improving the quality of bargaining, signing and implementing effectively collective bargaining agreements" is considered as the key task in directing the grassroot trade unions’ activities by the trade union of the provincial industrial parks; Specifically, requested to innovate of the process, the method building the collective labor agreement (CLA) with the participation of employees in the process of content development, negotiation of CLA, ensuring that the CLA have more favorable terms for the employees compared to the law. Up to now, about 70% of enterprises in provincial industrial parks have signed the collective labor agreement (CLA), the grassrooot trade unions also participate in the the elaboration of internal labor regulations, regard the establishment of a regular dialogue mechanism between the Executive Board of the grassrooot trade unions and the employers to promptly deal with the issues relating to the legitimate rights and interests of the employees at the new workplace, now, 81% of the enterprises held the conference of dialogue with the employees, 100% of enterprises have labor regulations, in which 91% of enterprises well implement the regulations, 100% of employees officially recruited are participated in social insurance.

Implementing "the quality meal of the employees", the Trade Union of the provincial IPs reviewed and instructed the grassroot Trade Union to require employers to pay attention to the quality of meals, increase the money for the meal. Up to now, over 90% of enterprises in IPs have organized meals for union members and employees with an average of VND 15,000 person / meal.

The Trade Union of IPs also participated and timely resolved satisfactorily many strikes in some enterprises. In the first months of 2017, there were five strikes in the provincial industrial parks relating to: proposal for earlier Tet bonus, allowance for housing, petrol, toxic, interesting in the quality of meals... As soon as there was information on strikes, the trade union staffs of the provincial IPs in coordination with the grassroots and authorities timely solved so that all urgent complaints and recommendations of workers were listened, satisfactorily resolved; they understood and ended the strike, and returned to the normal production.

The development of trade union members was paid much attention by the grassroots. In the first quarter of 2017, the Trade Union of the provincial IPs established 5 new grassroot trade unions with 1,151 union members. In the coming time, the Union will continue to organize the Congress of grassroot Trade Union toward the 3rd Trade Union Congress of the provincial industrial parks, by the end of March, 2017, there were 4 grassroot Trade Union organizing the Congress.

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