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Attracting more than USD 100 million from FDI

Wednesday, 10/05/2017

According to the report of Vinh Phuc Investment Promotion Agency, from the beginning of the year, the province has attracted more than USD 100 million of FDI capital. In which, the decisions on investment policy, new investment registration certificates granting are for 14 projects having the total capital of more than USD 40 million; adjusting 10 turns of capital increase at more than USD 63 million. Only in April, 2017, the province granted new investment registration certificate for 3 projects of SY vina footwear; TK Tech Vietnam factory in Vinh Phuc and Optrontec vina factory; simultaneously, adjusting the capital increase at more than USD 7 million of Diostech plant project (Korea).

Yuong Poong Vina Co., Ltd (Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park) operates from January 2017, creates stable jobs for more than 400 employees.


To attract 25 FDI projects having a total new investment capital of USD 250 million in 2017, the province has been enhancing investment promotion activities at potential markets; taking care of the investors in place; focusing on investing in technical infrastructure and formulating preferential mechanisms to attract capital sources and investors to build technical infrastructure of key areas with the advantages for the development of industrial parks, clusters, and high quality services; promoting the reform of administrative procedures; building the effective, disciplined, public and transparent administration; well implementing the administrative reform, shortening time for businesses.

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